January 13, 2012 Review of SF Pop Up Gallery

Chester's Blacksmith Shop: From the Vaults....

Artists:  Apex, Andrew Schoultz, Barry McGee, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Sam Flores, Sergio Galli, Ron English, Ken Light, Alex Gross, Gary Baseman, Mike Davis, Tracey Emin, Tom Bolles, Leigh Wells, Jo Jackson, Date Farmers, Blek Le Rat, Highraff+Tchrais (Brazil), Scott Musgrove, Kim Cogan, WK Interact, Logan Hicks.  

Comment by Clare Coppel:  My Favorites are Ana Teresa Fernandez's paintings of which I really like the mystery+shoes, and the Sam Flores painting-- I'm really into religious themed works. 

Comment by AB:  Chester's Blacksmith Shop, formerly of Park City, Utah, pops up for a limited run here in San Francisco with a peppy selection of art from local collections as well as from the artists themselves.  Check it out. 


Sam Flores artist art

Art by Sam Flores (left) at Chester's Blacksmith Shop.

Ana Teresa Fernandez art


A couple of major artworks by Ana Teresa Fernandez.


Big cityscape by Kim Cogan at Chester's Blacksmith Shop.



Art by Tom Bolles (right... though not sure what it's doing here).




Art by Logan Hicks (right).




Urban totem by Apex (Ricardo Richey) at Chester's Blacksmith Shop.



Overview - group show at Chester's Blacksmith Shop pop-up.